PRAKIN Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company, established on 25th November 2020 for its operations in all regions across India. Our business is to provide Survey and Loss Assessment services to the Insurance company.

  • Being Insurance Surveyors & Loss Assessors, we deliver insurance services and solutions with integrity as an approach that is tailored precisely to the needs of our individual clients.
  • Our operation team is capable of responding to all claims-related requirements of Insurers for their operations across India.
  • We have an expertise team in handling various valuations, risk inspection, engineering losses and policy declaration verification audits.
  • Our experience in various industries has today brought us to a stage where we stand to understand the processes and business operations of our clients better enabling us to manage their risks for them holistically.

PRAKIN Mission

PRAKIN mission is to best manage the claims on behalf of insurers and to help with all manners of loss-related insurance claims.


  • To provide a quality service.
  • To improve profitability.
  • To increase efficiency.
  • To improve our leadership and management.
  • To invest in and improve our employees.

Working Flow Sequence

  • Make an appointment with the claimant within an hour of receipt of intimation of claim.
  • Letter of Acknowledgment (LOA) to Insurers within an hour of receipt of intimation of claim.
  • Determination and review of requirements, attendance on-site within one day of receipt of instructions (subject to traveling distance).
  • Immediate Loss Advice (ILA) within 24 hours of return from the survey.
  • Letter of requirements (LOR) within 24 hours of return from a site inspection.
  • Preliminary Report (PSR )
  • Reminder to Insured every 10 days, following issue of LOR. After the issue of three reminders, the Final Notice would be sent via registered post.
  • Submission of FSR to the Insurers, upon receipt of the complete documents.
  • Immediate response to the query of Insurer if any, or correspondence from Insured.